Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Priscilla's Home Collection in Las Vegas


priscilla furnishings

Over 120 pieces of the Priscilla Presley Home Collection were featured at the winter home-furnishings market in Las Vegas. 

According to the Daily Herald, Priscilla joined forces with H Studio and its founder Shlomi Haziza to create a new collection that encompasses the theme of "yin and yang."  

“I call them Adam and Eve. One represents the masculine, the other the feminine. That is the whole basis of our collection. It has to have balance because a man has to feel as comfortable as a woman,” Priscilla told the Daily Herald.

The new collection features furniture, lighting, art, and accessories in the Gothic Modern and the Vintage Eclectic lines. Three of the central motifs include horses, doves, and butterflies. Presley's love of crests and armor is also displayed in some of the designs. Beds, nightstands, lamps, picture frames, mirrors, vanity tables, stools, rugs, and centerpieces are just some of the items included in her latest venture. 

“There are three things people look for when they are buying furniture. First, it has to look good; second, it has to be comfortable; and third is practicality. So I would say the collection is unique, it's stylish and it's practical at the same time,” Priscilla told the Daily Herald.

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