Friday, March 23, 2018

Priscilla Presley Urges Tennessee’s Governor Bill Haslam

Priscilla Presley Urges Tennessee’s Governor Bill Haslam

to Veto Anti-Whistleblower Bill


“Ag gag” bill criminalizing whistleblowers and shielding animal abusers continues to draw criticism


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 7, 2013) – Priscilla Presley adds her voice to the thousands of Tennesseans urging Governor Bill Haslam to veto Senate Bill 1248, an anti-whistleblower “ag gag” bill. A long-time friend to animals, Presley insists Tennessee’s agriculture industry should have nothing to hide.

Priscilla Presley commented, “If you sign this bill into law you are making the statement that Tennessee farmers and our equine industry have something to hide. I don’t believe that’s in the best interest of our state.  In addition, this bill gives anyone who records instances of animal cruelty 48 hours to report the violation and submit their video or audio recording to authorities. By not giving anyone investigating animal cruelty enough time to collect evidence, this bill is set up to protect the abusers while failing to protect the welfare of the animals and livestock.”

Tennessee’s anti-whistleblower “ag-gag”’ bill would criminalize investigations that expose unethical and illegal activity in horse stables and industrial agribusiness facilities. The bill would prevent the kind of exposés that uncovered shocking abuse at Jackie McConnell’s stable in Collierville. An undercover investigation documented horses being whipped, kicked, shocked, beaten, and subjected to painful soring with caustic chemicals, resulting in criminal animal cruelty convictions of McConnell and two others.

Presley calls for Governor Haslam to veto this “ag gag” bill, which would put majestic creatures in harm’s way, not protect them from abuse.

In the 1980’s Priscilla Presley hosted the acclaimed reality television series about animals and their extraordinary lives, Those Amazing Animals. The show combined notable facts and entertainment and is considered a precursor to today’s popular Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.  At present, Presley is involved with various horse rescue charities and animal-rights causes.