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Priscilla portrayed Jenna Wade on this popular evening "soap-opera" style television drama from 1983-1988. "Dallas" was the most successful primetime soap opera of its time, seen by over three hundred million viewers worldwide every week. The show, set in Dallas, chronicled the adventures and exploits of the Ewing family saga including Southfork Ranch, Ewing Oil, and the Barnes-Ewing Feud.

The Naked Gun

Priscilla displayed her considerable comedic talents in the box office smash hits The Naked Gun series. Beginning with 'The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! to "The Naked Gun 2½ and finally, "The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult", Priscilla showed that her beauty and talent extends to both drama and the comedic genre.

Those Amazing Animals

Priscilla hosted this acclaimed show with veteran actor Burgess Meredith and Jim Stafford. Those Amazing Animals was a unique and educational show, which possessed positive educational value as well as highlighting the more unique and unusual aspects of the animal kingdom. This show approached education of the animal kingdom with newsworthy facts coupled with entertainment value. Truly a first in its time, "Those Amazing Animals" can be seen as a precursor to today's "Animal Planet" and "Discovery Channel".

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